About Us

Hi and Welcome to a Natural Shift!

We have been on the journey to optimal health for  over 10 years and are now ready to share what we have learned along the way to encourage and empower you to live YOUR BEST life! We believe that making small shifts in our daily habits will lead to real progress and lasting change. We hope that you will join us and start your journey today!

We are sisters who grew up in a small town with a loving family, and had wonderful role models in the kitchen.  Growing up this way built a foundation and love for food and cooking early in life. As young adults, we both became interested in preparing delicious meals at home. On the weekends, we would often get together and try out new recipes and just have fun together in the kitchen! As our lives evolved and we began to have families of our own, nutrition began to have a greater impact in our lives. Striving to provide balanced, wholesome meals for our families became a priority.  We would often (and still do) take traditional recipes and modify them to make them more nutritious. Over time, we have come to LOVE and embrace a plant based diet. We don’t subscribe to one particular “diet” but prefer to listen to our bodies and give them the nutrients they need to function at a high and optimal level. We want to encourage you to do the same and help you transition through the process as we have done and still are doing.

Our vision is:

aNS was founded for those interested in living a different way. We offer simple solutions to living a natural live that is accessible to all and easy to incorporate. Our focus is on developing daily habits that lead to real progress and lasting change.

Our mission is:

We believe that living a natural and vibrant life should be easy and accessible. It should leave you feeling energized and fulfilled, allowing the best version of you to shine!

Our name “a Natural Shift” came from the fact that to have the results you want, there needs to be a shift within your life. We believe that by changing small daily habits and “shifting” toward a healthier life, we will see real change and lasting results. Also, we feel a mental shift is very essential in making the transition over to living a different way. This shift within your mind helps you see things in a whole new light, focusing on all the great new things available to help you feel your best, rather than focusing on the way you are used to doing things. Everyone’s journey will be and look different. There is no one size fits all philosophy, rather we help you listen to your own body and honor what it is telling you.

Fitness is another important part of being the best version of yourself possible. We both stay active and exercise an average of 3-5 days per week. Our bodies were made to MOVE and they function more effectively when they move often. We enjoy all forms of exercise (circuit training, HIIT, walking, running, yoga, pilates, barre) and have found that consistency with fitness is all about “mixing it up”. Trying new exercise routines or just staying active by hiking or riding bikes with the family is the best way to maintain this vital piece to the puzzle of a healthy glowing life!

In 2013, we added a new dimension to our journey to optimal health when we discovered essential oils! After doing some research and learning the amazing benefits of plant based medicine, we both have incorporated them into daily life.  You can read more on that here. This was really the missing link to optimal health for us. Now, when our families are not feeling up to par, we have the tools available to support their bodies in a natural and effective way. We both are passionate about educating others on the many uses and benefits of essential oils and have a growing team of essential oil users that we mentor.

Recently our area of interest has been in toxic exposure and the harmful effects it has on our bodies. Human beings are exposed to over 700 toxins on a daily basis! That’s just crazy!!! As medical professionals, we both see the potentially harmful effects toxins have on our bodies. As a result of this overwhelming awareness and desire to change, we began incorporating periodic detoxifications or cleanses into our lives. And, we have developed our very own detox program and ebook as a guide. This program is designed to cleanse the cells in your body of those icky toxins, all while eating tons of vibrant delicious foods! No deprivation here! We also teach you how to incorporate personal care cleansing. From oil pulling to dry skin brushing, we will be your guide through it all!

The bottom line is this:.We are passionate about sharing what we have learned and helping you and your family live the best, healthiest lives possible! We are so glad you are here and ready to embark on this journey too! Get ready to start a natural shift by incorporating daily habits that lead to real progress and lasting change!