So glad you have found your way here, I hope you have enjoyed the content that we are so passionate about. Please, stay a while and make yourself at home! My sister and I truly want you to feel like you are a part of our a Natural Shift family, after all we are in this together:) Let me give you some insight into my life, and how I have arrived to the person I am today. I have spent the majority of the last several years learning about how to take care of myself + my family in a natural, holistic way. All the way from diet to cleaning, nutrition, self care, parenting. See, to me, you cannot just look at one piece of the puzzle and have it all figured out. You must take a step back and look at the entire picture to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to bring you to optimal health & well-being in all areas. And as always, it starts with a good look in the mirror!

Let’s go back a bit…

In high school, I decided to get a job at a pharmacy because… well everyone else was getting a job and that seemed like a good enough one. I enjoyed serving folks and helping them however I could, working at the pharmacy was a pretty good gig. Then it came time to pick a career, the most natural option seemed to be pharmacist. Made good money, I could continue serving people, all seemed good with this choice. After all, it was considered a very stable, wise career choice. Fast forward 6 years {and a good chunk of change later} and I received my Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree from South University in June, 2007. A couple months later I was married, life was really going great! Of course, after graduating I got right to work. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it by any means! During our first years of marriage, I became interested in cooking and taking care of my body through exercise and eating “healthy”. 5 years later we welcomed our first child, a baby girl. It wasn’t until then that I started truly making “the shift”, that mental shift. Sure, I had become interested in cooking more and I always took pretty good care of myself physically. But now, having to take care and have responsibility over a tiny human- it really makes you think a little more about the choices that you make.

It was a few months after I had our daughter that I really began searching for other options as far as natural health goes {i wasn’t happy with those found at the corner store}. I also began dreading going to work most days. I wanted to spend more time with my kids, other than only on the weekends or an hour after work on week nights. I was searching online and found essential oils. Little did I know that this discovery would literally change the trajectory of my life, in so many ways. {but God knew!} Not only did they work brilliantly for pretty much everything I used them for {hello multi-use!}, they unlocked a burning desire within me to help others know this natural way of living life as well. This took over my focus and I was determined to spend the majority of my time serving others in a new way, a MUCH better way. 🙂

As a very resourceful person, I can help you no matter how little time, knowledge or money you have. After years of living on a tight budget in college and then as a mom and wife living on a tight time budget I’ve been through it all. If you make that mental shift {know that you want to choose a different way of living}, there’s not a thing standing in your way. You have come to the right place to gain knowledge, insight, and support in moving over to a glorious way of living. One of true balance in every sense of the word {mentally, physically and spiritually} and i’m crazy honored to be a part of your journey!

“let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” Matthew 5:16