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We specialize in taking the frustration out of living a natural life, leaving you feeling

confident + empowered

with the knowledge and tools you need to make the shift!

Wellness planning

Does living a healthy life seem overwhelming? No matter where you are in your health journey, we will guide you based on your individual needs.

This program includes:

  • Personalized wellness plan
  • Individualized support and accountability
  • Free ongoing education
  • Areas of support include:
    • Learn the basics of cooking (access to our private kitchen coaching videos)
    • Meal prep and planning
    • Healthy swaps for your favorite foods
    • Aid in navigating the grocery store aisles
    • Healthy weight management
    • Whole foods based detox
    • Incorporating natural supplements and tools
    • Developing a self-care routine

If you would prefer to talk over the phone, click here to schedule a free 15 min wellness consult

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Essential Oils

Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific issue, or want to make the shift to a non-toxic way of life, we can empower you with the right tools.

  • Join a community of like-minded people
  • Learn solutions for everyday issues
  • Develop a daily personalized routine
  • Connect with educational resources
  • Support your body with proper supplementation
  • Remove toxins from your home with natural cleaning options
  • Balance your hormones with natural alternatives
  • Fight sugar cravings
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Detox & Cleanse

Periodic cleansing is crucial to living your best life.
Come, take a pause + reset with us!

  • Whole food based eating plan
  • One time fee with lifetime access to the program
  • Increase your energy by eliminating toxins
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We offer all of these services online, so whether you live in the middle GA area or across the globe, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to learn how we can help.

If you would prefer to talk over the phone, click here to schedule a free 15 min wellness consult

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