How to Store Tomato Paste

How to Store Tomato Paste


How many times do you open a can of tomato paste only to use a couple of tablespoons?  Then, you store it in the fridge because of course you are going to use it before it goes bad…..right? You clean out the fridge a few weeks later and can’t even tell exactly what it is and why you would save it………right again?  Well here is the solution…….FREEZE it!   Whatever amount of tomato paste you have left after opening the can, place it all on a medium sized sheet of plastic wrap.


Next, roll the paste up and begin to form into a log.  Same technique you would use if freezing/storing cookie dough or a compound butter.  Twist ends of plastic wrap.


Store in a plastic Ziplock bag in the freezer. Next time you have a recipe that calls for tomato paste, pull this out and cut off the amount you need.  I estimate that about 1/2 – 3/4 inch = 1 tablespoon.   So simple, money saving, and always available!


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